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RISD Alumni,
BFA Graphic Design

RISD Alumni,
BFA Graphic Design 2020

Andrea Lauer

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Industrial Design, Apparel Design

Spring 2020

This focal point and goal of this course is the exploration of the jumpsuit across history, art, fashion and politics in order to ascertain a deeper understanding of the body as a moving environment, as well as think critically about the meaning of clothing and how it defines us and impacts our environment. Moreover, it is important to think about the jumpsuit as a canvas for the expression of both the individual and the collective.

Since its’ inception in 1919, the jumpsuit has taken on many different forms, meanings and shapes. Beginning as a utilitarian suit for aviators and parachuters, and later becoming a symbol of women’s freedom from conventional gender roles during WW2, not to mention its’ rich and historic place in music culture, being worn by Elvis Presley, Cher, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, and Freddie Mercury  to name a few, the jumpsuit has become an iconic piece of clothing.


An Earth hissing, repulsed and betrayed by the inhabitants she so graciously mothers. Mankind has gone astray, run amuck, devastated each other and the only home they have ever known. The sweet atmospheric vapor that they had once taken for granted has been singed—air and water and earth all tainted.

Man has become less of man and more of beast, lacking moral compass—

Perhaps then, this means there exists no boundary between what is right and what is wrong. It is nor hand nor foot that overwhelms this world, but tooth and claw—Order no longer holds bearing.

The crackled weepings of fire strangle the lungs and grayed skin of the souls who remain, sick and ghoulish. The rings of hell no longer sit beneath their feet, they have risen to stare at Man in their blind eyes.

It is only by the absolute embrace of the last pure element that they may find hope in giving vision back to Man—unsheathe their eyes to the irreversibility of their actions.

They too must finish the journey of Dante—for it is only then that from the ashes of white stone pillars a Phoenix will be reborn.

It is only then will they find the Empyrean-—
Steps to an invisible kingdom lie somewhere in the stillness of their final hour. Steps to an invisible kingdom turned to black serpents who have made their flesh bleed unwillingly for an invisible God.


Hot volts do nothing to cleanse their fiery, hazy and trembling exit into the kingdom of some God.

Some God…

Some God who has proclaimed them unworthy of salvation. Some God who has allowed them to suffer and burn and climb with nails overgrown.

The genesis of the InBetween lies somewhere amongst the ideations of inevitability, finality and life after death.


Life on the plane between suffering and salvation.

Life that is not life.

Damned from their earliest beginnings. Their fate—one of suffering and solitude. Scorched tongues and infected wounds. Hearts like ghosts mounting jagged rocks—impaled and seeping.

A human cathedral of bone and blood and hair, deconsecrated—lives gouged out—thrown onto a foreign shore.

Stood at the foot of a great mount, their Odyssey begins again.


What Remains: Making Something Out of Some Things…


Jumpsuit as Canvas

This is an assemblage created from different parts and pieces of found garments and other items and reappropriate them into a new form and thus a new meaning.

This project is in three parts:

Part One:

Craft a manifesto and map your suit; research, draw and identify fabrication methods and materials all in alignment with your body manifesto.

Part Two:

Assemble a full jumpsuit using items found and gathered. It must have sleeves, legs, neck opening, and a way of getting in and out of the garment (with closures).

Part Three:

Write a description of the garment and attach it like label, tag or museum artifact card; state what it is called and its’ end use and methodologies.  
Design, cut and assemble a jumpsuit using a basic sloper pattern. The objective of this assignment is to design and augment this slyer for a fully invented universe. It is important to think about and define the world in which this suit exists. What are the moral codes, rules of the ecosystem and how does this design shape or reflect this future or parallel universe? Does it have specific environmental needs? Consider materials, layers, color, pattern, and fabrication methods. Writing, research, mood board and complete jumpsuit are expected as final deliverables.

This project is in two parts:

Part One:

Document that describes the culture, ecosystem, types of humans or non-humans that exist in your fully invented universe.

Part Two:

Assemble a full jumpsuit using items sent in the mail and add anything you would like, for example, closures, color.